President Packaging Ind. Corp mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling food paper containers and other packaging materials.
In addition to the operation of the core business, we are fully committed to the development of environmentally friendly packaging materials and containers.

President Packaging Ind. Corp established in 1994, is majorly involved in food paper packing and other packing material selling and manufacture. Embracing corporate social responsibility, our company continually develops environmentally friendly and convenient products for consumers. Our main products include cold drink cups, hot coffee cups, heat-insulated cups, biodegradable cups, noodle cups, and plastic lids, etc.
Following the worldwide trend of environmental protection, President Packaging Ind. Corp. is devoted not only to its core business but also to the development of environmentally-friendly materials. We hope our environment can become healthier because of this. In this way, it doesn't only satisfy the consumer market but also fulfills our corporate social responsibility.

We serve more than 30 markets all over the world.
Meanwhile, we are main supplier to eco-friendly paper cups in the United States.

Take the successful experiences learned from the domestic market as the foundation for entering the international market, serving more than 30s markets. In addition to becoming a major supplier of domestic paper cups and exporting environmentally friendly paper cups, PPI is the main supplier of environmentally friendly paper cups in the United States, Europe, and Australia. It is hoped that environmentally friendly products can be expanded to all parts of the world so that business operations and consumers can contribute to the earth.

  • 1994President Packaging Ind. Corp (PPI) was established.
  • 2001PPI Moved to Madou factory.
  • 2006PPI started to expand export trading of functional and eco-friendly products.
  • 2012PPI Wuhan and Changsha factories were established.
  • 2012PPI became the main supplier of PLA paper cups of the world.
  • 2013PPI started to gradually gain Taiwan tea shops market share.
  • 2015PPI Madou factories expansion completed.
  • 2017PPI Guangzhou factory was established.
  • 2018PPI Shanghai Jinshan factory was established.
  • 2022PPI new products, circular and molded fiber containers appear on the market.
  • PresentPPI is the main paper cups supplier in Taiwan. We also export to Europe, USA, Japan and Australia etc. Our products are certified by Western labs and meet the global food safety standard.