Efficient Smart Recycling Machine

Implement Sustainability
President Packaging cooperates with President Chain Store 7-11 to build an "efficient smart recycling machine" in the retail channel, integrating PET bottles and battery recycling through patented AI optical identification and entering the machine with a high-efficiency shredder that can shred PET bottles into flakes to reduce recycling volume and equipped with a plasma UV sterilization and deodorization device.

The "Efficient Smart Recycling Machine" is easy to operate and can be recycled quickly. 
After recycling, you can get 7-11 shopping credits or OPEN POINT feedback, which increases the willingness of people to use it.

The recycled plastics are remanufactured through patented technology, and made into Uni-President supermarket's uniforms or remanufactured products and returned to Supermarket for sale to achieve resource recycling and reuse.

Estimated that more than 200 "high-efficiency smart recycling machines" will be installed in Taiwan to implement the development of sustainable recycling.


President Packaging continuously urge ourselves to become a sustainable corporation. We will take environmental protection as a core of our business and put our effort in green earth movement.