Produce sustainable products, call for healthy life

As an Asia leading cup manufacturer, President Packaging urge to promote Eco-friendly products to the world. Our mission is to eliminate environmental pollution and it starts from producing our goods in a sustainable method.

Green Procurement

PEFC/FSC certifed paperboards mainly import from European and American well-known paper mills to meet our integrity principal and ensure sustainability supply chain. All products are compliance with international food safety regulation,such as FDA and (EU)10/2011 to prevent human intake from heavy metals, fluorescent agents and other harmful substances.

Possess of sustainable production

LED lights for better energy efficiencyPresident Packaging has replaced our illuminator source to LED lights since 2020. This strategy not only lower the heat from lamps but also save us 65% energy wate.

Solar power generation projectPresident Packaging keeps enlarge the output of our solar power system. It will helps to reduce carbon emission during production.

Recycle & Reuse for our production wastePresident Packaging works with subcontractor to collect and reuse of production wastes into other packaging material to eliminate the effection for our environment.

Carbon footprint labelOur ESG team keeps investigating in carbon foodprint label to monitor and lower our carbon emission.

​​C​​​ircular economy products

Efficient Smart Recycling MachinePresident packaging cooperates with Uni-President in smart recycling machine to integrate with plastic bottles and batteries recycling through optical detector to approach easy operation and fast recycling. The recycled plastic remanufactured through patented technology , and made it into uniform of Uni-President and new products sale in 7-11 stores to achieve the developing sustainable circle.

Collecting Machine for Reusable Circular CupWorking on the reduction of single used plastic usage through rental and recycling machine system to achieve circular economy. Obsolete reusable circular cups remanufacture for new products to reach the goal of resource reuse.

President Packaging continuously urge ourselves to become a sustainable corporation. We will take environmental protection as a core of our business and put our effort in green earth movement.