President Packaging Ind. Corp dedicates to provide safe and appropriate work environment for employees, maintain the rights of employees, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.To carry out and perform President Packaging Ind. Corp's social responsibility, from January 2018, we apply SA8000 Social Responsibility Management System, to establish social responsibility management system and structure complying with international regulations, to protect the rights of employees and safe working place.


No use of child labor, and does not accept suppliers or subcontractors to use child labor.


Respect employee’s freedom, prohibit any forms of forced labor ,and does not accept suppliers or subcontractors to user forced labor.


To provide safe and hygienic working environment ,ensure employee's safety and health condition.


Respect employee’s right to associate freely and bargain collectively.


Promote labor-management cooperation, respect employee's opinion.


Provide equal and fair work environment, and prohibit any forms of discrimination.


Respect employee’s basic human rights. and prohibit any forms of insulting behavior.


Arrange fair production schedule, that employee could have working time and rest time respectively.


Provide reasonable salaries and benefits, which can at least satisfy employee's basic needs.


The management and operation of organization comply with relevant government and international regulations, and improve continuously.

The suppliers and service provides of President Packaging Ind Corp are asked to publish and follow the same code of conduct accordingly. The suppliers and service providers will be audit aperiodically to ensure that are in compliance with the code of conduct.