PE Hot Cups

Product Specification Overview

  • 4oz Hot Cups
  • 7oz Hot Cups
  • 8oz Hot Cups
  • 10oz Hot Cups
  • 12oz Hot Cups
  • 16oz Hot Cups
  • 20oz Hot Cups
  • 24oz Hot Cups

PLA Compostable Paper Cups

Bio Leaf PLA Hot CupsThe "Bio Leaf" compostable paper cups are lined with bioplastics - PLA (Poly...

  • 4oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 7oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 8oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 10oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 12oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 16oz PLA Hot Cup
  • 20oz PLA Hot Cup


AQUEOUS-Circular CupCircular Cup is a sustainable and recyclable alternative to traditional paper...

  • 8oz Circular Cup
  • 12oz Circular Cup
  • 16oz Circular Cup

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