Corporation Introduction
President Packaging Ind. Corp which majorly involved in food paper packing and material selling and manufacture, was established in 1994. Embracing the corporate social responsibility, our company continually develops environmental friendly and convenient products for the consumers. Our main products include cold drink cups, hot coffee cups, heat insulated cups, biodegradable cups, noodle cups and plastic lids, etc.
The Golden Medal in the National Wide Consumption awarded by The Republic of China Consumers Association
Certificate of Taiwan Packaging Star awarded by Taiwan External Trade Development Council
ISO 9001 Verification of year 2015
ISO 22000 Verification of year 2005
HACCP Certification
ISO 14001 Verification of year 2015
BRC Verification of Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5
FSC CoC Certification
ISO 45001 Vertification of year 2018
CNS 45001 Vertification of year 2018(TOSHMS)
Small-medium Enterprise Life-long Learning Passport—Enterprise Organization Learning Excellence Award
PLA, certification of BPI
Organization Chart
Future Perspective
Following the worldwide trend of environmental protection, President Packaging Ind. Corp. devoted not only to its core business but also the development of environmentally-protective materials.  We hope this one choice of ours can make our living environment healthier.  In this way, the consumer market is satisfied, and our corporate social responsibility is fulfilled.
Take the successful experiences learned from domestic market as the foundation for entering international market, we hope to promote environmentally-protective products to the whole world and make it possible for corporations and consumers to contribute their efforts to protecting the Earth.