| Compostable Paper Cups
Bio Leaf PLA Hot Cups

The "Bio Leaf" compostable paper cups are lined with bioplastics - PLA (Polylactic acid) which is made from annually renewable sources, not oil. This making the paper cups are compostable and biodegradable in industrial compost facilities.

The compostability of Bio Leaf Products are BPI and DinCertco certified and meeting EU ASTM standards!
Case Count 500~1000
Case Dimension various
  PLA Hot Paper Cups | Compostable and Biodegradable


Item Code Capacity Product Size Case Cube Case gross weight Case/Sleeve Fit Lids
Tdiam x Bdiam x H quantity
PPI-PLAHC-04 4 ounce 62.8x45.7x61.5 mm 0.031cbm 4.5kg 1000/50ct x 20 63mm hot cup lids
115 ml 2.5x1.8x2.4 inch 1.11cuft 10lb
PPI-PLAHC-07 7 ounce 72.6x51.4x80.5 mm 0.046cbm 5.8kg 1000/50ct x 20 n/a
203ml 2.9x2.0x3.2 inch 1.63cuft 12.9lb
PPI-PLAHC-08 8 ounce 79.9x51.2x95 mm 0.06cbm 9.5kg 1000/50ct x 20 80mm hot cup lids
232 ml 3.1x2.0x3.7 inch 2.13cuft 21.1lb
PPI-PLAHC-10 10 ounce 89.9x62.4x90.7 mm 0.077cbm 10.7kg 1000/50ct x 20 90mm hot cup lids
290 ml 3.5x2.5x3.6 inch 2.73cuft 23.8lb
PPI-PLAHC-12 12 ounce 89.9x59.9x108 mm 0.088cbm 12.7kg 1000/50ct x 20 90mm hot cup lids
348 ml 3.5x2.4x4.3 inch 3.12cuft 28.2lb
PPI-PLAHC-16 16 ounce 89.9x59.4x135.4 mm 0.0108cbm 15kg 1000/50ct x 20 90mm hot cup lids
464 ml 3.5x2.3x5.3 inch 3.82cuft 33.3lb
PPI-PLAHC-20 20 ounce 89.9x62.6x152 mm 0.0113cbm 16.5kg 1000/50ct x 20 90mm hot cup lids
580 ml 3.5x2.5x6.0inch 4.0cuft 36.6lb

 Material  Paper from sustainable forests located in Europe and North America, SFI and PEFC certified
 Lamination  PLA single side coated, SGS food safety and migration tests passed, comply with EU standards
 BPI and DinCertco Certified compostabilty
 Use  Beverages, coffee, tea
 Temperature resistance  0°c~100°c
 Certification  Paperboard : SFI , PEFC, FDA
 PLA Lamination: passed SGS food migration tests and heat resistance for food safety tests, complied with EU ASTM standards, BPI and DinCertco certified
 Printing Methods  UV Offset / Flexo (eco-friendly)
 Printing Colors  6~8 colors available
 Custom Print  Available

  • Compostable and Biodegradable products
  • Paperboard lined from renewable sources, not oil
  • BPI and DinCertco certified product compostability
  • High quality assured. Made by ISO/BRC/HACCP certified factory
  • Comply with global standards for food safety  (see our certifications)
  • | Refrigerator and freezer safe